Rookie Girl Group Taurine Drops Teasers Ahead of “Wish List” Release

New girl group Taurine has released a teaser image ahead of dropping its debut single, “Wish List.” The song will become available for digital download on July 24, and its music video will be released on the same day.


The group also already uploaded an amusing video teaser for “Wish List” to its official YouTube channel on July 21, featuring a frustrated songwriter frantically searching for inspiration.

Taurine is the brainchild of talent agency Insight, and is composed of three members: Song Sang Eun, Lee Da Yeon and Jung Ka Hee, all of whom have experience as musical actresses. Although the video teaser does not give potential fans a glimpse of the girls performing, it does contain a few tantalizing snippets of what we can expect from their music.

A range of other videos on the channel also display the girls’ impressive vocal skills, as they sing in close harmony on a cover version of the Dynamic Duo hit, “Solo,” as well as other songs. They also appear to be keen instrumentalists, and at least one member is a very capable keyboardist.

Are you looking forward to Taurine’s debut? Check out their version of “Solo” below and let us know!