HyunA Is Too Sexy for Words in “Red” MV Teaser

HyunA has finally released a video teaser for her upcoming single, “Red,” from her new solo mini album, “A Talk.”

HyunA previously revealed her tracklist for the album, whose title track  is “Red.” The other tracks are “French Kiss,” “Black List,” and “From Where to Where” which features BEAST‘s Yang Yo Seob. HyunA is also credited for writing the lyrics to “From Where to Where” and “Black List.”

HyunA continues the monkey theme from yesterday’s image teaser in this music video clip with splashes of red thrown around around the set, as well as sporting red underwear in the video. HyunA seems to be alluding to the popular children’s song in Korea about a monkey’s butt being red with the juxtaposition of the color and monkeys in her music video.

“A Talk” drops July 28.