Actor Couple Son Ji Chang and Oh Yeon Soo to Reside in the US for Two Years

Husband and wife Son Ji Chang and Oh Yeon Soo are planning on residing in the US for two years for their children’s education.

Oh Yeon Soo will be leaving with her husband on July 23, and the couple will fly back and forth between Korea and the United States for any business that they have. 

A rep from Oh Yeon Soo’s agency said, “In order to help her children fit in while in the US, she’s planning on residing there for two years. However, she is planning on continuing her career as an actress. Son Ji Chang is planning on continuing his business as well.”

The rep continued, saying, “She is currently looking over drama and film scripts for a comeback later this year.”

Meanwhile, Oh Yeon Soo left MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Triangle” on July 22. A rep explained, “The drama was originally to end with 24 episodes, but was extended. Since it’s hard to change a schedule that’s already been planned, we decided in the end that setting her up as going to study abroad was the best option.”