Girl’s Day Reveals Beauty Ranking, Ideal Type in “60-second Interview”

Girl’s Day tried whether they can make the time again in the “60-second Interview” portion of MTV’s “The Show” on its July 22 broadcast.

The girls, who have appeared in the show five months ago, tried their best to answer the fans’ questions from the start to the end of the program.

The members shared their quick and honest answers on questions such as “who among the members do not fit the ‘Darling’ concept,” “what is Sojin‘s beauty ranking of the members,” “who do the girls want to be paired with in a reality couple show,” “the nicknames they like,” and more.

The eldest member, Sojin, ranked Yura as the prettiest followed by Minah, Hyeri, and herself last. When asked about who they want to be paired up with in a reality couple show, Minah shouted “Kim Soo Hyun” while Hyeri answered “Hyun Bin” and Sojin said “Sung Si Kyung.”

After trying their best to answer the questions quickly and honestly–the girls will face a punishment if they lie–it was revealed that Girl’s Day failed their second trial of the “60-second Interview.”