Kim Soo Hyun’s Chinese Fans Donate to a School in Need to Celebrate His 7th Debut Anniversary

Lately, in celebration of various events, fandoms have been donating to charitable causes under their star’s name. Lee Seung Gi’s fans raised approximately 10,000 USD and created the “Lee Seung Gi Forest,” and Park Yoochun’s fans donated about 6,600 USD to World Vision under his name.

Recently, according to a Chinese entertainment media outlet, Kim Soo Hyun’s fans in China have done the same. In celebration of the seventh anniversary of the actor’s debut, fans put together 7247 Chinese Yuan (approx. 1200 USD) and donated it to a school in need.

This was carried out by one of Kim Soo Hyun’s many fan clubs in China, called “SooHyun Time.” The project was put together from beginning to end by the fan club, from raising the money to the selection of the school to receive the donations.

A fan club rep said in an interview, “We were wondering how we would celebrate Kim Soo Hyun’s seventh debut anniversary in a creative way, and we thought we would donate. Kim Soo Hyun has taken initiative and donated to those in need in Korea and China, and we decided to follow suit. While it isn’t a large amount of money, our hearts went into raising the funds, and we hope it is used well where needed.”

The money went to the Yangfan Project, a large Chinese charity organization that helps out schools and students in need in rural areas. The money from SooHyun Time will be going towards building a library for a school in Hubei.