Lee Kwang Soo Spends Over Eight Hours Entertaining SBS Viewers

“Prince of Asia” Lee Kwang Soo is currently acting in the role of Park Soo Kwang, a man suffering from Tourrette’s Syndrome, on SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “It’s OK, It’s Love.” Moreover, he is a permanent fixture on SBS’s weekly variety show “Good Sunday—Running Man.”

Episodes one and two of “It’s OK, That’s Love” were run without commercial interruption on July 26 from 12:10 PM to 2:30 PM. The plot follows coffee shop worker Soo Kwang and his housemates Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin) and Dong Min (Sung Dong Il). In episode two, Soo Kwang must help newcomer Jae Yul (Jo In Sung) integrate into the household. Following “It’s OK, It’s Love,” was a repeat of “Running Man.” Following the theme “the terror of female college students,” Lee Kwang Soo drew big laughs from viewers as he interacted with guest stars Baek Ji Young, Hong Ji Young, Miss A’s Fei, female comedian Lee Kook Joo, and model Kang Seung Hyun. Lee Kwang Soo then spent another four plus hours meeting with fans of the two shows.

Viewers can enjoy Lee Kwang Soo’s charms by watching “It’s OK, It’s Love” every week on Wednesday and Thursday at 10 PM and in “Running Man” on Sundays at 6:10 PM.