CSJH The Grace’s Lina Writes a Hand Written Letter To Her Fans

Lina, a member of the girl group, CSJH The Grace, revealed her thoughts about getting married to the musical actor, Jang Seung Jo.

On July 28, through her Twitter, she revealed a photo of the letter she wrote to her fans along with a message that said, “To my loving fans.”

In the letter, Lina wrote, “Hello, it’s Lina. I hope everyone is doing well despite of this hot weather. I’m doing well. You’re surprised because of the sudden marriage new, right? Since this is an important moment in my life, I thought carefully and was worried about when I should tell you guys but I ended up telling you later than expected. I’m really, really sorry. However, I’m so thankful that you’re happy and congratulating me. I’m thankful for always cheering me on. Although I still lack in a lot of things, I will show a more mature side of myself by caring for each other. I will show a Lina that works harder on stage! I will repay the love that I have received through a more wonderful side of myself. Thank you again for congratulating me. I love you.”

On July 25 her agency, SM Entertainment, she announced that she will be marrying the musical actor, Jang Seung Jo, on November 22.