Sung Si Kyung Says He Prefers Soyou over Suzy on “Non Summit”

Singer Sung Si Kyung admitted that he prefers Soyou of Sistar over Suzy of Miss A.

Soyou appeared as a guest panel member on the latest episode of global talk show “Non Summit.”

During the broadcast, the show’s host Yoo Se Yoon revealed that Sung Si Kyung, a co-host of the show has previously told him that he “prefers Soyou over Suzy.” The other co-host Jun Hyun Moo also pointed at Soyou, adding, “she seems to have some feelings for him too.” 

Then Sung Si Kyung boldly admitted, “I really like Soyou. She makes me feel happy by just looking at her.” When asked if he would like Soyou as a girlfriend, the popular ballad singer slyly added, “we’d have to get to know each other before, so I don’t know.” 

“Non Summit” is a talk show featuring 11 non-Korean individuals who debate on various topics, all while speaking Korean. It airs every Monday on JTBC