T-ara Fans Build a Forest for Group’s 5th Anniversary

T-ara‘s fans decided to combine forces and build a forest under the group’s name in order to celebrate the 5th anniversary of their debut.

The fans of the girl group who worked together to make the project happen are the local fandom ‘T-ara dot com,‘ international fandoms ‘Diadem,‘ ‘TARA6JAPAN,‘ ‘T-ARACHINA,‘ and ‘T-ARAHK‘ which made up the T-ara fanclub union. 

T-ara forest” was created through Triple Planet‘s ‘Star Forest Project‘ with the intentions of building a better environment and to make everyone create a green forest together. Other famous stars’ forests that have had their fans participate in the same project are 2NE1 forest, Shinhwa forest, Roy Kim forest, Girls Generation forest, TVXQ forest, Infinite forest, and more.

Meanwhile, “T-ara forest” can be seen at Mapo-gu in Seoul.