2PM’s Jun.K and GOT7 Take a Playful Picture Together

2PM’s Jun.K and the boys of the rookie group GOT7, revealed a picture of them working together in a studio.

On July 29, Jun.K released the photo through his Instagram.

In the picture, Jun.K is sitting in the middle, as if he was the leader of the group. The boys of GOT7 are surrounding Jun.K and making playful expression.

Jun.K expressed his love for his juniors as he wrote and produced the song, “So Lucky,” for the boys. The song will be one of the tracks on GOT7’s debut single album that will be released in Japan during October.

Meanwhile, 2PM and GOT7 will be performing at the “2014 JYP Nation-One Mic” that will be held on August 9 in Seoul.

jun.k, got7