SISTAR’s Dasom Goes Crazy When People Don’t Pick Up Her Phone Call

SISTAR member Dasom appeared as a guest during a recent recording for MBC’s variety program “Radio Star,” where she opened up about a unique habit she has when in a relationship.

The SISTAR member shared a story about obsessing over her boyfriend’s phone calls in the past. During the show’s recording, one of the MCs asked Dasom if it’s true that she goes crazy when a person doesn’t answer their phone, to which she replied, “It really drives me crazy. That’s why I continue to call around 70 to 80 times.” Her unexpected response surprised the MCs, as well as all of the other guests on the show.

Dasom continued to shock everyone by explaining that even after the person picks up their phone, she needs to hear their alibi for why they didn’t answer earlier.

This episode of “Radio Star” also features Jo Kwan Woo, Kim Ga Yeon, and Yoo Sang Moo, and will be airing on July 30 at 11:30 AM (KST).