SISTAR’s Dasom Explains that She Purposefully Overacted in Her Drama

SISTAR‘s Dasom argued that she purposefully overacted in her drama “Love Rides the Song” during her appearance on the talk show “Radio Star.

On the July 30 broadcast of “Radio Star,” Dasom explained why she seemed like she was always overacting in her recently-completed daily drama “Love Rides the Song.” 

She said, “The producer of the drama asked me to act so the housewives who are busy washing dishes would still understand what is happening in the drama.” 

She also added, “Since it was 150 episodes long, I had to make sure that even if one starts watching half-way through, they would still understand what is going on. Young people might think of this as overacting, but to the older audience, this is helpful.” 

In the same episode, Dasom admitted to being very possessive of people around her, as she said that if someone doesn’t answer her calls, she would call them 80 times over two to three hours. Read more about it here.