Male Duo Space A to Make a Comeback With “Summer Dream”

The male duo, Space A, will be making a comeback with a special summer song.

With the news of them making a comeback after 10 years, they have become an issue. Last year, the duo released a single called, “Return: Sexy Man” during March and received a lot of love.

On July 31, their single, “Summer Dream” will be released and the member’s strong rap skills are at the center of the song. The leader, Park Jae Goo, wrote the song where it focuses on their amazing vocal skills. The song has a strong, addictive melody that anyone can easily sing. Nami, leader of the group Black Pearl, also featured in the song. Currently, she’s the youngest member of the female group, Sisters, which has been created by the former member of Roo’ra, Kim Ji Hyun.

According to the duo’s agency, they said, “It’s a fun song that’s great to listen to at the beach. With the start of this single, Space A will reveal the songs and do many activities. They will be showing different sides of their music conviction.”

Meanwhile, Space A debuted in 1998 and released many songs like, “Scarlet Letter,” “Maturity,” “Season of Betrayal,” and “Again,” which received a lot of love. They made a comeback during the beginning of 2013 and appeared on programs and held concerts. Space A’s new song will be revealed on July 31.