Upcoming Drama “The Mermaid” to Have Provocative Yet Cute Materials

The producer of CJ E&M, Baek Seung Ryong, revealed the relationship between the SNL parodies and the upcoming drama, “The Mermaid.”

On July 30, at the Seoul 63 Convention Center, the press conference for tvN’s upcoming drama, “The Mermaid,” was held. Baek Seung Ryong informed that, “We will include parodies within the drama and will include the characteristics of ‘SNL Korea.”

Producer Baek Seung Ryong has worked on “SNL Korea” and “Rude Miss Young Ae.”

Continuing on, he said, “Just like we did in ‘SNL Korea,’ we’re planning on including a music video every week. Just because it’s R-Rated, it won’t have just provocative material but will focus on including outrageous materials. We’re controlling the level so that viewers won’t reject the R-Rated components. It will have provocative, yet cute R-Rated components.”

He also informed, “I’ve worked with Kim Min Gyo for two years in ‘SNL Korea,’ and before I knew it, we were filming ‘SNL Korea’ in ‘The Mermaid.’ Kim Seul Ki is the same and my personal goal is to tone it down. I’m sure the viewers are expecting her to use vulgar language and I’m worried on how I should include this.”

Meanwhile, “The Mermaid” is a story about a mermaid who transforms into a human and begins a life in Seoul in order to find their true love. It’s a fairy tail like romance that has handsome and beautiful characters. It shows the struggles the mermaid goes through for 100 days in order to become a human.

Writers Park Ran and Kim Ji Soo will be a part of this project along with producer Baek Seung Ryong. They are planning on creating a fresh, fun drama that will have outrageous imagination added on to the fairy tail like story. The first episode of “The Mermaid” will be aired on August 7.

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