A Still of Secret’s “I’m In Love” Filming Set Revealed

A still of the music video set of girl group, Secret‘s new song, “I’m In Love,” has been revealed.

In the revealed picture, Song Ji Eun has a serene expression. With her long hair and faint eyes, it seems like Song Ji Eun has some sort of story, making her look alluring.

This year will mark Secret’s sixth anniversary and through their new album, “Secret Summer,” they will be transforming into enchanting ladies who have fallen in love. The revealed still is a spoiler of “I’m In Love.” The group has revealed before that instead of their usual cute and bright image, they’re planning on creating a hot atmosphere.

“Secret Summer” is Secret’s fifth mini album. The title song, “I’m In Love,” is written by Duble Sidekick and its rich melody will capture the attention of the listeners. The composer duo, Park Soo Suk and In Woo have worked with Secret for a long time and their tracks will be on their mini album as well.

Before their comeback, Secret posted a promotion poster of their album and title track in five major cities, including Seoul. They are planning on playing a terrestrial television commercial to notify of their comeback and are continuing their aggressive promotion. This has been the first time a terrestrial television commercial was used to promote a girl group.