Song Ga Yeon Meets the Legendary Boxer Hong Chang Soo in “Roommate”

MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter, Song Ga Yeon, who’s currently appearing on SBS’s variety show, “Roommate,” met the former WBC champion, Hong Chang Soo.

On August 2, according to the staff of the show, in the recent recording of “Roommates,” each member was sent to either Osaka, Japan or Taiwan to celebrate the 100 days anniversary of the show.

Right after the Osaka team landed, Song Ga Yeon went to meet the former WBC champion like she had requested.

On August 17, Song Ga Yeon will be making her debut on the Road FC. When Song Ga Yeon met Hong Chang Soo, she asked him for tips that were useful during his days as a fighter. Hong Chang Soo answered by saying, “The most important thing is to win myself.”

The legendary champion succeeded in defending eight times and suggested to Song Ga Yeon to train at a gym.

During training, Song Ga Yeon and Hong Chang Soo sparred and Song Ga Yeon was able to learn new techniques. Despite the fact that they trained for a long time, Song Ga Yeon didn’t seem tired and concentrated on practicing her techniques.

During this recording, Hong Chang Soo revealed his life story as a world champion. The former champion’s nationality is Korean but he was born in Japan. However, he represented North Korea when he entered the ring. In 2007, he naturalized his citizenship as a South Korean.

His life story touched the hearts of the members as he said, “My father always taught me to live as a Korean and not as a Japanese. I’m living with his teaching etched into my heart.”

hong chang soo

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