Lee Jong Suk Is the New Face of Chinese Fashion Brand Semir

In the wake of the popularity of SBS’ “I Hear Your Voice” and the recent “Doctor Stranger,” actor Lee Jong Suk has been taking China by storm.

The actor has recently become the face of Semir (森馬), a large casual fashion brand in China with over eight thousand stores. Semir is one of the main casual brands in China frequented by the younger generations.

An official from Semir said, “Lee Jong Suk, who can pull off a classy and fashionable look in just a simple white button-up, fits our image well. We predict an improvement to our brand image with Lee Jong Suk as our model, him having both great acting skill and looks, and we look forward to the positive effect he will bring to our company.”

Actors Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho have also previously modeled for Semir.

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