Park Bom’s Stylist Lashes Out at Rookie Rapper Kemy and Her Diss Track

Park Bom’s stylist posted a sharp response today to A.KOR‘s Kemy, who recently released a diss track called “Do the Right Thing,” targeting the 2NE1 member and her recent drug scandal.

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Here’s what Park Bom’s stylist said: “Look at everyone and their grandmother saying that they’re doing hip hop and throwing out diss tracks. The ink on your ID card hasn’t even dried yet, and look at you speaking informally to someone who is a huge senior to you. You’ve got some nerve. It’s like you want to retire right after your debut. If you want to diss someone, do it when you’re on their level.”

Upon posting this, Park Bom’s stylist was heavily criticized by netizens, who said it wasn’t a fight for a third party to interfere in, and that the post was rash. The stylist has since deleted Instagram, although the screenshots of the post have already been spreading online.

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