Character Posters for Upcoming Drama “Discovery of Love” Released

The character posters of KBS 2TV’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama, “Discovery of Love” have been released.

On August 4, the character posters of Jung Yoo Mi, Moon Jung Hyuk, Sung Joon, Yoon Jin Yi, Yoon Hyun Min, and Kim Seul Gi were revealed.

Behind the characters, the quote, “Did you sleep together? You did, you did!” and the people that each of the characters want to hide from their significant other leaves a strong impression.

“Discovery of Love” centers on a character named Han Yeo Reum, played by Jung Yoo Mi, and her boyfriend of two years, Nam Ha Jin, played by Sung Joon, and her ex-boyfriend, Kang Tae Ha, played by Moon Jung Hyuk. Han Yeo Reum and Nam Ha Jin are a couple in their 30’s who have dating steadily by caring for each other and playing hard to get. Han Yeo Reum is honest and prim while Nam Ha Jin is gentle and sensitive. They’re the sweet couple that isn’t afraid to show their affection towards each other in public.

Meanwhile, Han Yeo Reum and Kang Tae Ha dated each other when they were in their 20’s and had a clumsy relationship. As hot as their relationship was, the pain was that much deeper. Although she experienced a lot of pain because of Kang Tae Ha, she was able to mature and figure out a way to lead the relationship. However, Kang Tae Ha didn’t know why they broke up and when he came to his senses, she wasn’t beside him. When he was starting to miss her, she appeared before him.

On top of all of this, Nam Ha Jin meets a girl from his past named, Ahn Ah Rim, played by Yoon Jin Yi. Han Yeo Reum’s roomates, Do Joon Ho, played by Yoon Hyun Min, and Han Sol, played by Kim Seul Gi, have different perspective of love but end up becoming a couple. In addition to these characters, “Discovery of Love” is filled with various love stories and the relationship between a man and a woman.

An official from the publisher, JS Pictures, explained that, “Discovery of Love’ is a drama that begins with dating and ends with dating. We are planning on making a romance story through all the character’s various ways and feelings. We will make a realistic drama where the viewers will be able to agree while watching the different types of relationships.”

“Discovery of Love” consists of an experienced staff. Writer Jung Hyun Jung, who previously worked on the “I Need Romance” series and producer Kim Sung Yoon, who previously worked on the drama special, “Puberty Medley,” and “The Reason I’m Getting Married,” have joined the “Discovery of Love” drama.

The first episode of “Discovery of Love” will air on August 18.

discovery of love character poster

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