miss A’s Jia Explains the Meaning Behind the Tattoos in Her Ankles in bnt International

Girl group miss A’s Jia worked with bnt International for a pictorial, where she expressed her individuality.

In the recent photo shoot, she showed various sides of herself, going from a sexy, bohemian concept to a minimalist concept. Different from her calm appearance, when she stood in front of the camera, she was definitely an idol. Everything to her fingertips added on to the rich emotions, raising the quality of the pictorials.

Before the start of the photo shoot, Jia was asked about the tattoos that are on her ankles. She said, “On one of my ankles, a compass is drawn inside a heart. On the other ankle, the quote ‘Follow your heart’ is etched inside the heart. It means, ‘When you’re lost, go where your heart takes you.’ I really liked the meaning so I decided to get a tattoo of it.”

In the second concept of the photo shoot, Jia attempted a cold, bohemian style. She wore a denim material jumpsuit and a scarf hairband, it which added to the depth of her eyes.

Along with the photo shoot, Jia had an interview with bnt where she said, “My glamorous body was hidden. I’m in charge of the bass part in miss A.” When asked about her friendship with 4Minute’s HyunA, she answered with, “We have a special relationship. We’re so close that we would meet up in the middle of the night and eat midnight snacks together. We also talk a lot about fashion.”

When she was asked which programs she wanted appear in, she named“Running Man” and “We Got Married.” She revealed that, “For ‘Running Man,’ it’s because I really like Lee Kwang Soo, and for ‘We Got Married,’ I think it would be fun if I did it with EXO’s Tao.” Lastly, Jia was asked which actors she wanted to work with and, letting out her inner fangirl, she said, “Among the Chinese actors, I want to work with Daniel Wu, and among the Korean actors, I want to work with Lee Min Ho.”

You can check out the gorgeous pictorials of Jia below!


jia_bnt (2)

jia_bnt (3)

jia_bnt (4)

jia_bnt (5)

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