‘Little Psy’ to Make an Appearance in Psy’s New Music Video for “Daddy”

‘Little Psy’ Hwang Min Woo will once again be in Psy‘s new music video for his comeback title track “Daddy.

The filming started yesterday and ‘Little Psy’ is scheduled to film for the music video today. It appears that Psy and ‘Little Psy’ will be dancing together for the upcoming song. 

‘Little Psy’ was brought to the limelight when he appeared in Psy’s music video for the famous “Gangnam Style” back in 2012. He became known for his similar looks to Psy and how well he danced despite his very young age. Psy’s representative said that ‘Little Psy’ helped in making “Gangnam Style” a hit and that they have decided that he will make a great addition in Psy’s new comeback song.

Meanwhile, Psy released his music video featuring Snoop Dogg entitled “Hangover” back in June.