Andy Joins Fellow Shinhwa Members in Cheering for Junjin’s Solo Concert

Shinhwa’s Andy finally appeared after a long while in public through a video message to cheer for his member Junjin for his upcoming solo concert.

Andy appeared in the video with fellow members Eric, Hyesung, Min Woo, Dongwan and even the one holding his solo concert, Junjin. The Shinhwa members filmed the video to cheer Junjin on in their usual Shinhwa-like fashion– chaotic and fun. Andy was seen giving off a small smile and joining his members in greeting the audience and even saying “Have strength”, giving his fellow member his encouragement for the concert. Andy has been avoiding the public eye ever since the gambling scandal broke out

Andy is currently preparing to join Shinhwa for their comeback in January next year, promising to have the new album with all members present.