SISTAR Reveals That Hyorin Even Plays Hard-To-Get with Them

SISTAR members reveal that member Hyorin plays hard-to-get even with them. 

On today’s KBS Cool FM Lee Sora’s Gayo Plaza, SISTAR played a game of answering questions. When asked “which member plays hard-to-get the most?” Bora answered saying “Hyorin even plays hard-to-get with her fellow members. It’s a bit weird.” 

Dasom added: “Playing hard-to-get is nice, but it would be better if (she) doesn’t do it with girls too. It will just lead to a person getting hurt. One moment she’s very cold and then suddenly she’ll call me suddenly saying ‘Som-ah’, and I wonder what I really did wrong.”

Hyorin responded to her members complaint saying: “Isn’t a woman who plays hard-to-get charming? I’m not the type of girl that lets guys off easy. If you want to love and eventually be happy, isn’t thinking of breaking up usually the case (to be happy)?”

SISTAR members responded with her thoughts about breaking up as something weird but ultimately laughed it off.