“War of Words” Discusses JYJ Not Appearing on Variety and Music Shows

MC Kim Goo Ra recently gave a thorough analysis as to why JYJ isn’t able to appear on variety programs.

On the August 7 episode of JTBC’s “War of Words,” Kim Goo Ra gave an analysis about airing commercials featuring JYJ by saying, “I believe a debate will occur as to why the group isn’t appearing on variety and music programs.”

Continuing, Heo Ji Woong said, “Regardless of dramas, it’s a big thing when a singer doesn’t appear on music programs.” Park Ji Yoon explained JYJ’s situation: “After concluding the lawsuit in 2012, many have been expecting them to appear on television but they haven’t been.”

“Rather than a restraint by law, it seems like a cartel of silence,” Kang Yong Suk said. Heo Ji Woong responded, making many laugh, “If you say a cartel of silence, then in the end, is SM Entertainment Voldemort?”

Kim Goo Ra explained, “From the broadcast stations’ point of view, they can’t give up idol groups like EXO, TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, and f(x) to have the three members of JYJ appear. If we were like China or Taiwan, wouldn’t it be obvious?” Heo Ji Woong continued the explanation by saying, “The bigger problem is when they say that they’ll take out not only SM artists, but entertainers and actors. Then there’s nothing to say.”

When discussing Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun‘s appearance in dramas, Kim Goo Ra said, “Dramas are massive. No matter how strong a specific company is, it can’t shake the entire drama industry.”

Continuing, Park Ji Yoon said, “The broadcast stations chose what would benefit them. For dramas in the Asia market, JYJ is still powerful and can open up paths to export dramas, so there’s no reason to refuse them.”

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