Manhwa Artist Huh Young Man Reveals Caricatures of the Six Characters of “Tazza 2”

Manhwa artist Huh Young Man, the author of the “Tazza” manhwa series, recently revealed a caricature poster of the six characters of the upcoming film, “Tazza 2,” where each of the characters’ charms can be seen at a glance.

“Tazza 2” tells the story of a boy named Daegil, played by T.O.P of BIGBANG, who had skills with his hands ever since he was a little boy, taking after his uncle, Goni. Being a competitive gambler, he entered the world of Tazza without any hesitation and will be risking his life in one big game. The expectation of this film is rising after Huh Young Man revealed the caricature that he drew himself.

This year will mark Huh Young Man’s 40th anniversary, and as Korea’s representative manhwa artist, he has always based his materials on things that were not too far from the readers and expanded the story from there. In the recently revealed caricature, Huh Young Man’s unique artistic skills can be seen. The poster shows the diverse and fun characters of “Tazza 2” and he was able to express each of the six characters by emphasizing their personality, being perfectly in-sync with the actors.

The drawing shows Daegil’s charismatic eyes as he’s holding the cards, Mina’s high spirit, Go Kwang Ryul’s humane charms, and the legendary Tazza, Ah Gwi’s strong presence. It also shows the antagonist, Jang Dong Shik and his cold charisma, and President Woo’s poker face.

“Tazza 2” stars BIGBANG’s T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun), Shin Se KyungKwak Do WonYoo Hae JinKim Yoon SukHoney LeeLee Kyung YoungGo Soo HeeOh Jung Se, and Park Hyo Joo. It will be released in early September.

tazza 2 caricature