Jung Yunho and Kim Heung Soo Engage in a Fierce Sword Fight in “The Night Watchman” Stills

TVXQ’s Jung Yunho and actor Kim Heung Soo will be making a strong first appearance through a fierce sword fight. Jung Yunho will be appearing as the charismatic Moo Suk and Kim Heung Soo will be appearing as Prince Ki San. As their eyes and their swords clash, a very tense atmosphere can be felt, raising the expectation even more.

Among the other Monday-Tuesday dramas, MBC’s “The Night Watchman” ranked first in viewer ratings starting from the first episode. The staff revealed the stills that contained a sword fight between Prince Ki San and Moo Suk.

Although the loyal, cold military officer, Moo Suk, and Prince Ki San have different social statuses, they’re good friends. Despite being good friends, it seems like the two characters aren’t about to let the other win. Moo Suk is filled with the sincerest eyes and is showing his loyalty as a military officer. On the other hand, Prince Ki San’s frown alone creates a tense mood.

Although Moo Suk gives his all in the fight because of the order he received from Prince Ki San, as the person who has the best sword fighting skills in all of Joseon, he’s able to wield his sword while flying and block Prince Ki San’s sword without looking. From this, Prince Ki San attacks Moo Suk nonstop and continues the sword fight.

Regardless of their difference in social status, after their fierce sword fight, many are becoming curious as the two are seen exchanging a meaningful moment with their eyes. As a servant of the prince, Moo Suk is seen kneeling before him and Prince Ki San meets him at eye level. It seems as if Prince Ki San is telling Moo Suk some kind of secret. Afterwards, as Moo Suk looks at the prince, he tightens his fist as if he made some sort of decision. Many are curious as to what the secret mission was how the story will be affected through this mission.

Meanwhile, “The Night Watchman” is a fantasy, romance drama that takes place during the Joseon Dynasty where there are those who denies ghosts, uses ghosts for their own, and gets rid of ghosts.

With a unique storyline and beautiful visuals, the drama is currently first in viewer ratings and is airing every Monday and Tuesday. Actor Jung Il Woo, TVXQ’s Jung Yunho, Go Sung Hee, and Seo Ye Ji are appearing in the drama.

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