Secret’s Jung Hana Asks to Be Called Jung Hana From Now On

Jung Hana, a member of the girl idol group, Secret, requested for people to remember her by the name she changed to.

On August 11, Secret held a press conference in Seoul in regards to the release of their third mini album, “Secret Summer.”

During the press conference, Jung Hana revealed, “There are those that will think that a woman is sexy by looking at her feminine side. However, there are people who think that a dignified and powerful side is sexy as well. I worked hard in order to express those powerful actions.”

Continuing on, Jung Hana expressed her ambition relating to the upcoming promotion. She said, “It’s been about a year and a half, almost two years since I’ve been performing as Jung Hana but people are still calling me by my former stage name, Zinger. For this album, I would like it if people called me Jung Hana.”

The title track of Secret’s third mini album is, “I’m In Love,” and it reveals a woman’s inner feelings when she’s in love. The song talks about how surprised they are of themselves when they’ve fallen in love. It also contains a woman’s truthful feelings and their aggressive side. With the use of a brass band and retro style music, this stylistic music will capture the attention of many.