JYJ’s Junsu Responds to BEAST Gikwang’s Request for Aegyo

JYJ’s Junsu and BEAST’s Gikwang’s recent conversation on Twitter is garnering much attention among fans.

The adorable conversation took place on August 11, and started when Gikwang requested aegyo from Junsu through Twitter by saying, “Hyung~ please show me the class of the original. I’m looking at Angel Xiah through Naver and I’ve become your fan because they’re so cute! Please show me Angel Xiah~”

Angel Xiah refers to Junsu’s unique happy expression that he puts on while he adorably supports his face with his hands. This aegyo was made originally made for his fans ever since he was a member of TVXQ.

2014.08.11_junsu angel xiah

In response to this request, Junsu posted a photo with the caption, “Here you go! I don’t even know…” In the photo, he is indeed showing his original version the Angel Xiah pose. Many fans were thrilled to see this other side of Junsu, since many were so used to the charismatic masculinity that he showed on stage.

2014.08.11_gikwang & junsu twitter

Meanwhile, JYJ recently held a concert this past August 9 in the Seoul Jamsil Stadium for their 2014 JYJ Asia Tour, “The Return of the King,” where they performed for more than 30,000 excited fans.

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