ZE:A’s Kwanghee Goes to Clubs Five Times A Week If He Can

ZE:A’s Kwanghee revealed that he’s a club maniac and that he goes to clubs five times a week if he can. 

Kwanghee went on KBS2TV‘s variety show “Family’s Dignity Full House” as a guest. Kim Ji Min who went in the same show as him said that a lot of people have told him that Kwanghee goes to a lot of clubs. Kwanghee then confessed and said: “If my schedule permits, I go to clubs five times a week. One Friday I went early in the evening once, then once again late at night to the extent of it becoming a frequent habit.”

Kim Ji Min then asked what will he do if there will be unpleasant rumors that will arise from his clubbing habit and Kwanghee responded saying the clubs there have a tight security anyway. 

This episode of “Family’s Dignity Full House” will be shown tomorrow, August 13 at 11:10pm KST.