Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Collaborates with BeatBurger for “BeatBurger Project”

Super Junior fans! Get ready to watch Eunhyuk’s smooth dance skills in the latest collaboration with BeatBurger.

BeatBurger Project” is a project that brings different artists together to showcase their talents in one performance.

On August 13, SM Entertainment dropped footage of Eunhyuk dancing to “Mo Jazzy,” sung by Yoo Young Jin, along with two back up dancers. With the jazz styled music as the base, the monotone colors, clean cut suits and urban, hip-hop styled choreography, it brings out Eunhyuk and the dancers’ smooth dance skills.

Eunhyuk is the start of this project and SM Entertainment is planning on releasing clips of other artists’ talented skills.

Until the next collaboration, check out Eunhyuk dance it out to Yoo Young Jin’s “Mo Jazzy.”