BEAST Gets Excited for “Beautiful Show” Concert

On August 15-16, BEAST will be performing in Ilsan for their “Beautiful Show” concert. This will be their first concert since last year. With the upcoming performances, the members of BEAST couldn’t hide their anticipation. After their rehearsal August 14, they each left a message on their personal SNS accounts expressing their anxious determination as well as their excitement.

2014.08.15_BEAST beautiful show

Here are some of their comments:

Yoon Doo Joon (leader): “Hoping that today’s anxiety and nervousness turns into thrill and excitement tomorrow. It’s been a while since we’ve been together. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to perform on such a huge stage. Thank you.”

Son Dong Woon: “My biggest happiness in this moment is this opportunity to perform at our concert. We’ll do our best to make our concert the happiest moment for all of our fans.”

Lee Gi Kwang: “We did our best in preparing for this concert. We hope you enjoy it. We’ll see you tomorrow with pretty faces and in good conditions.”

Meanwhile, BEAST released a mini album this past June called “Good Luck.” The album brought them great success, and they finished their promotions with a record of 11 trophies.

2014.08.15_BEAST concert photo

BEAST debuted in October of 2009. A year after their debut, they were able to hold their own concert for the first time, called “Welcome to BEAST Airline.” The competition to get the tickets for this concert was fierce—so fierce that the server site nearly crashed and every seat had been filled. Afterwards, due to fans’ requests, they had an encore concert, which also sold out every one of the 12,000 or so available tickets.

Soon, they were able to launch their own brand of concerts, “Beautiful Show.” In 2012, they went on a grand tour across 8 countries, including Germany, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, among others. This series of performances brought them the title of “Performance Idols.”

Anyone attend one of their concerts?

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*Editor’s note: The date of debut has been corrected.

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