“The Joseon Gunman” Lee Jun Ki Goes for a Drive

On August 14, actor Lee Jun Ki uploaded a selca onto his personal Twitter account with a short caption: “Peace.”

In the revealed photo, Lee Jun Ki is behind the wheels of his car and posing towards the camera with a peace sign. His chic charms could be seen with his backwards hat and oversized sunglasses. To top it off his slight grin adds a comic effect to the photo.

2014.08.15_lee jun ki car

Meanwhile, Lee Jun Ki is currently portraying the character of Park Yoon Kang for the drama “The Joseon Gunman” alongside Nam Sang Mi. This is the two actors’ second time acting together since their 2007 drama, “Time Between Dog and Wolf.” “The Joseon Gunman” is about a swordsman, Park Yoon Kang, that turns into a gunman in order to get revenge on his father’s killer. However, along the way, he turns into the era’s hero as the enlightenment forces a trade from swords to firearms. It airs every Wednesday and Thursday on KBS.

2014.08.15_lee jun ki joseon shooter poster

Did you guys recognize him without the sageuk costumes?