Lovely Stills of ZE:A Park Hyung Sik and Nam Ji Hyun in “What’s With This Family” Revealed

ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik and actress Nam Ji Hyun are like a newlywed couple in the recent stills revealed from their new drama.

KBS2’s new weekend drama “What’s With This Family” revealed still cuts of Park Hyung Sik’s character, Cha Dal Bong, and Nam Ji Hyun’s character, Kang Seo Wool. The stills have attracted attention, as they show a romantic relationship between the two characters.

In the drama, Kang Seo Wool travels to Seoul in order to find Dal Bong, who saved her 12 years ago. Dal Bong was her first love and she believed him when he jokingly promised to marry her. Despite Dal Bong’s unemployment, she insists that she would follow him and stay by his side. Meanwhile, Dal Bong doesn’t remember any of their past encounters, and when a girl claiming to be his wife appears, he gets caught up in embarrassing situations.

From violent arguments to lovey dovey romance, many have high expectations for the new drama as the two characters start living together in a rooftop apartment.

“What’s With This Family” is about a father who sues his selfish children for being disobedient. Through the daily life of the Cha family, it will show the true meaning of family through funny and touching moments.

The first episode will be aired on August 16. 

park hyun sik, nam ji hyun