YG Entertainment’s Win Team B Hints at Their Debut

Win Team B, who competed against the boy group WINNER in WIN, attended the recently held YG Family concert and hinted, “We’re preparing for our debut.”

On August 15, “AIA Real Life: NOW Festival 2014” was held at a stadium in Seoul. For this concert, YG Family performed at the end of the show.

For the concert, WINNER performed “Just Another Boy,” which was released before their debut. During the middle of the song, Win Team B appeared. Win Team B created a different atmosphere from WINNER as they stood on stage in red and white outfits.

Win Team B revealed, “We’ve enjoyed YG Family concerts since we were little and it seems like a dream to be able to perform in it. These days, we’ve been practicing a lot and we’re preparing for our debut. Please look forward to it. We didn’t get any sleep last night because we were waiting for today. We’ll make sure that it’s the best performance.”

Continuing, they said, “We would like to thank all the people here who cheered for us. As the youngest in YG Family, we will show you our hard working side. We would like to congratulate WINNER on their debut. We will both work hard so please watch out for us.”

Afterwards, Win Team B hit the stage with “Climax.

Also performing at the show were BIGBANG, 2NE1, PSY, Winner, Akdong Musician, Lee Hi, and Epik High.