[Exclusive] Girl Group Secret Gives Soompiers a Holler with “Secret Summer” Release

Hey Soompiers!

The four lovely ladies of Secret are back with the release of fifth mini album “Secret Summer,” which marks eight months since their last album “Gift From Secret.” The members teamed up with hit-maker Duble Sidekick for the first time to show a new side to themselves through title track “I’m In Love,” and have managed to dominate the charts immediately after release.

Check out their shoutout to Soompiers! Hollerrrrrr! Also, don’t forget to click the CC button for English subs! Spanish and French subs coming soon!

The girls will also be signing copies of their latest mini album for their fans! You can grap a copy here: autographed Secret Summer album

By the way, did you see their music video for “I’m In Love” yet?