SBS, KBS, and MBC Settle for the Same Time Slot for Their Sunday Variety Shows

After much conflict in order to get best ratings for their competitive Sunday variety programs, the three major broadcasting networks SBS, KBS, and MBC have finally settled on a same time slot for their programs.

Previously, the three broadcasting networks were in conflict due to their start times, as they tried to win over others by starting few minutes earlier than the usual 4pm time slot. 

However, they have all reached an agreement, as all three networks released a statement on August 18: “The three networks have felt the need to consolidate the starting time of the Sunday variety programs. Starting August 24, we have decided to air our variety shows at 4:50pm.” 

KBS’ Sunday variety consists of “Superman Returns” and “1 Night 2 Days“, while MBC’s is comprised of “Dad, Where Are You Going?” and “Real Men.” SBS’ latest lineup is “Roommate” and “Running Man.” With the new agreement, all three networks’ variety scheduling will start at 4:50pm and last 185 minutes until 7:55pm. 

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