Actor Chun Jung Myung Reveals He Is Taking Acting Lessons

Actor Chun Jung Myung recently revealed that he’s taking acting lessons.

On August 20, a press conference for OCN’s new drama, “Reset,” was held at a hotel in Seoul where actors Chun Jung Myung, Kim So Hyun, Shin Eun Jung, Park Won Sang, and producer Kim Pyung Joong were in attendance.

It’s been three years since the actor made a comeback through a drama. The actor said, “I’ve developed a lot of ambition for this drama, so I started taking acting lessons again, and I did a lot of research with my instructor. I studied a lot by myself as well. That could be the reason why I felt confident on set. Before, when I did other projects, I wanted to take acting lessons, but the directors continuously stressed that I shouldn’t. However, this time, I wanted to prepare somehow.”

Chun Jung Myung added, “I’ve been acting for 10 years. However, when you look at famous vocalists or athletes, there’s always an assistant beside them. Because I received help from those kinds of people this time around, I felt reassured while I was acting for this drama. That’s why I’m so determined an have a sense of ease, as well.”

”Reset” is a thriller about a public prosecutor named Cha Woo Jin, played by Chun Jung Myung, and his battle with an unrevealed character. Many are looking forward to Chun Jung Myung’s acting as well as Kim So Hyun, who will be playing two different characters.

Meanwhile, “Reset” is a 10-episode drama, the first of which will be aired on August 24.