“Infinity Challenge” Members Donate a Total of 200 Million Won to Eight Charities

MBC’s popular variety program “Infinity Challenge” made a promise to make a donation while they were filming their racing special. The members have kept that promise and donated a total of 200 million won (approximately 195,000 USD) to eight charity groups.

On August 21, according to an official,“Infinity Challenge” donated to the National Disaster Relief Hope Bridge Association, House of Sharing, Korea Multicultural Center, Korea Single Mother Support Network, Forest of Life, Korea Braille Library, Korea Cancer Foundation, and the Korea Animal Rights Advocates, also known as KARA. They donated 25 million won (approximately 24,000 USD) to each of the groups, which came to a total of 200 million won. The donation was put together through the sales of the program’s calendars and merchandise.

An official of MBC revealed, “It’s true that the ‘Infinity Challenge’ team donated to different charities like they had promised. Just like always, we’re planning on continuously making donations.”

Earlier, in July, the members made a promise to make a donation when they participated in the Korea Speed Festival. Usually, at the time of the race, the racers would present their sponsors but the “Infinity Challenge” team did the opposite and sponsored the charity groups. After the racing competition, the members visited the charity groups and apologized for losing the race and promised to make a donation in the future.

For the past nine years, “Infinity Challenge” has made many donations. They received a lot of attention when it was revealed that they donated a total of 1.6 billion won (approximately 1.6 million USD), starting from 2010 to March of this year.