BoA and Lee Yeon Hee Show Off Their Flawless Beauty in Recent Photo

Singer BoA revealed a photo she took with her labelmate, actress Lee Yeon Hee.

On August 20, BoA uploaded the photo on her Instagram along with a message that said, “The appearance of the goddess, Lee Yeon Hee! She’s definitely an actress! It was really nice meeting you in Japan~”

In the picture, BoA is posing with a “V” sign, showing off her cute charm while Lee Yeon Hee is winking, showing her playful side. Their bright smiles towards the camera create a warm atmosphere. Even without much make-up on, BoA and Lee Yeon Hee’s flawless beauty can be seen.

Meanwhile, on August 20, BoA performed at A-Nation, which is Japan’s biggest summer music festival, and Lee Yeon Hee recently confirmed that she will be appearing in the film “Detective K: The Laborer’s Daughter,” which is the second season of “Detective K.”

boa, lee yeon hee