Seo In Guk Oozes Charisma for Marie Claire Magazine

Singer and actor Seo In Guk recently worked with the fashion magazine Marie Claire, where he transformed into a ‘fall man,’ showing various charismatic sides of himself.

In the revealed pictorial, Seo In Guk showed his deadly, yet sexy eyes and tall figure. While showing his uninterested and chic charms in one photo, in another, he turns around and puts on a playful persona, capturing the hearts of many.

seo in guk 1

For this photo shoot, the singer looked perfect in each outfit, showing the luxurious and stylish side of a ‘fall man.’ Also, depending on the concept, he showed various expressions and was very detailed in every pose, earning praise from the staff at the shoot.

seo in guk 2

This pictorial of Seo In Guk will be featured in the September issue of Marie Claire.

seo in guk 3

seo in guk 4

seo in guk 5

seo in guk 6

seo in guk 7

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