Girl’s Day’s Yura Received Love Calls From 40 Agencies Before Debut

It seems like Girl’s Day’s Yura has always received a lot of popularity even before she debuted.

On yesterday’s broadcast of KBS‘ variety show “Happy Together 3“, Yura revealed that she received various offers from a whopping 40 agencies.

The Girl’s Day member explained: “Before I debuted, I uploaded a video of myself dancing on my personal blog and a lot of people apparently saw and liked it, which in turn made 40 (entertainment) agencies reached out to contact me.”

Yura further elaborated that these agencies were very interested in making her a celebrity and they tried persuading her by mentioning the other celebrities that were signed in their respective company at that time.

Meanwhile, Girl’s Day’s Yura is currently on the virtual marriage program “We Got Married” with actor Hong Jong Hyun and on last week’s episode, they went on a date at Hong Suk Chun’s restaurant.