Fabian: “French Idol Groups Failed Because They Couldn’t Get Their Dance Moves Right”

French TV celebrity Fabian has explained why idol groups have not enjoyed success in his home country. The star was appearing as part of a special edition of MBC entertainment show “Star Gazing,” hosted by Kang Ho Dong. Also appearing on the show were girl groups SISTAR and 4Minute, as well as a number of non-Korean celebrities, including Robert Holley.

During the show, Fabian explained, “Idol groups became popular in France about 20 years ago, but all but disappeared within the space of a year. The reason for this was that they had difficulities with their dance routines. They made a lot of mistakes during live shows, so it never really caught on.”

A model named Joel, from America, agreed that Western idol groups have struggled. He noted, “In the United States, most people are used to freestyle dancing. Idols synchronize their dances in Korea, and it looks really cool. I don’t think it is easy to sing and dance at the same time. If you are focusing on dancing, you might want to lipsync. But if you are focusing on singing, it can be hard to dance properly.”