SHINee’s Taemin Says “Ace” and “Pretty Boy” are His Favorite Tracks

SHINee’s Taemin  revealed the feelings behind his solo debut by commenting, “At first, when my debut as a solo artist was decided, I felt absentminded as if I was hit by something.”

On August 22, before performing on KBS’s “Music Bank,” he met with the reporters and said, “I didn’t realize it but I listened to what the members said and then they congratulated me. They also encouraged me by saying that I’ll do fine.”

Continuing on, he said, “I think of this as an opportunity to show my individual charms that was different from when I was in SHINee. With a thankful heart, I’m having fun. I was always with my members, but now that I to have fill in for my members by myself, I prepared that much more.”

After his first, solo performance, he met with his fans and started crying. Regarding this, he said, “I talked with them up close and I felt their honesty that I suddenly started crying. I feel like crying, thinking about it again.”

For his solo debut, Taemin is receiving a lot of attention for his strong visuals and performance. He revealed that his favorites tracks on the album are “Ace” and “Pretty Boy.” He informed, “Senior Changmin from TVXQ wrote the lyrics of ‘Ace’ and also did the chorus so I’m really thankful. *For ‘Pretty Boy,’ I suggested that it would be nice if a song with a certain story was on the album and Jonghyun wrote the lyrics with that in mind and with the addition of Kai featuring in it, I really like it.”

*Edited for accuracy