“Pirates” Starring Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin Puts the Brake on “Roaring Currents” Winning Streak

The 25-day number one streak of “Roaring Currents” has finally ended with the victory of the new film “Pirates.”

The box office records as of August 23 revealed that on August 22, “Pirates” gathered a total of 182,481 viewers, taking the number one spot. The cumulative number for the film is recorded at 5,159,231 views so far.

On the other hand, “Roaring Currents” has already put down a series of one record after the other. It had never lost the number one spot to another film in the 25 days since its release on July 30.

This victory by “Pirates” is a surprising one, as many have predicted this to be the least successful out of the four that had been anticipated before their releases: “Kundo” (starring Ha Jung Woo and Kang Dong Won), “Roaring Currents” (starring Choi Min Shik, Ryu Seung Ryong, and Jo Jin Woong), “Sea Fog” (starring Kim Yoon Seok and Park Yoochun), and “Pirates” (starring Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin). But as good reviews spread among viewers, they got their chance to surpass the records of “Roaring Currents.”

2014.08.23_film competition

Released two weeks after “Roaring Currents,” “Pirates” maintained a viewership difference of approximately 200,000 behind “Roaring Currents” as of last week. Entering into its third week after release, “Pirates” narrowed the difference to 67,712 on August 18 (Monday), to 48,938 on August 19 (Tuesday), 20,617 on August 20 (Wednesday), and finally around 10,000 on August 21 (Thursday), before finally surpassing “Roaring Currents” on Friday, August 22.

The same day, “Roaring Currents” recorded 165,671 viewers (cumulative total of 15,620,124) and took the number two spot on box office charts. “Sea Fog” recorded 44,332 and placed third.

Meanwhile, “Pirates” also stars Yoo Hae Jin, Oh Dal Su, Kim Tae Woo, Park Chul Min, Jo Dal Hwan, and f(x)’s Sulli, among others.

2014.08.23_pirates character poster

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