Winner Competes Against Itself for Another Win + Inkigayo Performances from BTS, Kara, Orange Caramel and More

This week on SBS’ “Inkigayo,” it was Secret vs Winner vs Winner for first place. Secret’s “I’m in Love,” Winner’s “Empty” and Winner’s other title track, “Color Ring,” competed against each other for no.1, with Winner’s “Empty” winning. Congrats, Winner !

“Inkigayo” also provided a comeback stage for BTS (“Danger“), Kara (“So Good” + “Mamma Mia“), and Orange Caramel (“My Copycat“).

The complete list of performers include Taemin, KaraOrange Caramel, Secret, BTS, Red Velvet, Winner, Block B, Ladies’ Code, Boys Republic, Heyne, Stellar, JJCC, Alphabat, Chaness, Sunny Hill, Ryu Seok Won, Play the Siren, and Say Yes.

Performances will be updated as made available.

Winner winning no.1

Taemin “Danger”

Kara “Mamma Mia”

Kara “So Good”

Orange Caramel “My Copycat”

Secret “I’m in Love”

BTS “Danger”

Red Velvet “Happiness”

Winner “Empty”

Block B “Her”

Ladies’ Code “Kiss Kiss”

Boys Republic “Dress Up”

Heyne “Red Lie”

Stellar “Mask”

JJCC “One Way”

Alphabat “Oh My Gosh”

Chaness “SeSeSe”

Sunny Hill “Monday Blues”

Ryu Seok Won “VIP”

Play the Siren “Dream Drive”

Say Yes “Get Out”

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