Gary Sees Other Girls aside from Song Ji Hyo?

On today’s episode of SBS‘ “Running Man“, Gary confessed that he meets other girls on weekends and is only in a relationship status with Monday Couple Song Ji Hyo on Mondays.

While catching up on what the members of the Big 7 Company did over the weekend, the “Running Man” staff who acted as department head asked Song Ji Hyo what she did during the weekend and the actress confidently answered that she slept the whole weekend in preparation for Monday when they had to film for the variety show.

The other “workers” couldn’t believe what Song Ji Hyo said and asked Gary if there is truth in the rumor that he was with Song Ji Hyo over the weekend. Gary jokingly retorted with a reply saying: “No, I didn’t go with Ji Hyo. I went out with another woman for a bit. Ji Hyo and I just meet on Mondays,” eliciting laughter among the other “workers.”

Check out the video of Gary’s confession below: