Lee Bo Young Says Relationship With Husband Ji Sung is Over-exaggerated by the Public

Married life is not all good as it seems as Lee Bo Young proved when she busted husband Ji Sung for his good image of being crazily in love with her on the Sunday broadcast of MBC‘s “Section TV Entertainment Relay.”

Upon touching on the subject about husband Ji Sung who was known for being crazily in love with her, Lee Bo Young explained and addressed those rumors saying: “But I think it’s a bit over exaggerated. A lot of people ask me if we are like this at home as well, if he takes care of me at home too and now thinking about it, I think everything was over-exaggerated (by the public).”

Meanwhile, Lee Bo Young also talked about being partnered with Lee Jong Suk on the 2013 drama “I Hear Your Voiceon the same interview as well.