[Updated w/Video Teaser] Super Junior Suits Up in New “Mamacita” Teaser Images

Super Junior releases new teaser images for their seventh album, “Mamacita.”

The title track of the album will bear the same name. It is described as a urban new jack swing track with an Indian percussion base and a piano melody that is reminiscent of a DJ remix. Super Junior will release a teaser video later on today.

Super Junior will release “Mamacita” this coming August 29 on various online music sites. Along with the release they will make a comeback performance on KBS “Music Bank” that will air later that same day, which will mark the official beginning of their promotions. The full album will be released offline on September 1.

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The video teaser is out! It introduces each member playing a role for the music video, from sheriff to bounty hunter, and even crossing genders. Check it out below.