Kang Dong Won Says He Wants to Get Married Late, but Doesn’t Want to Date Publicly

Actor Kang Dong Won revealed his thoughts on dating and marriage.

During an interview for his upcoming film “My Brilliant Life,” Kang Dong Won was asked various questions about his opinions on dating and marriage.

When the interviewer commented that he is in the prime age for marriage, Kang Dong Won replied, “my friends are all married and have kids. But I want to get married late, in my late 30’s or early 40’s.”

On dating publicly, Kang Dong Won seemed to be very against the idea, saying, “I’d never date openly. I never want to get caught. It seems terrible just thinking about it.”

He also added his two cents on supporting his children who may be interested in acting. “If they really want to do it I won’t be able to stop them, but I would advise them to not become actors. I saw somewhere that statistically, entertainment and sports have the most competition. Actors are ‘out’ when they have two or three failed projects. I want my kids to live freely, without too much competition.”