Actress Baek Jin Hee Picks “High Kick” as Her Most Memorable Project in Interview with Vogue Girl

Actress Baek Jin Hee enjoyed a sweet vacation.

The actress has been busy, appearing in one drama after another. Starting from “Empress Ki,” and moving on to “Triangle” and to the recently finished variety program “The Law of the City,” Baek Jin Hee has been doing a variety of activities. Recently, the actress worked with Vogue Girl magazine and participated in a photo shoot. For this photo shoot, the concept was“A Sweet Break,” where she was able to express her innocent charms as much as she wanted.

In the interview that took place along with the photo shoot, Baek Jin Hee was asked about her thoughts on acting, her future dreams and what she’s been up to lately. From her complete filmography list, she picked the sitcom “High Kick” as her most memorable project. As for her future dream, she said, “I want to be an actress with depth and a good mother. I also want to build a school for the children who are living in a difficult country.” She also said, “If there’s a certain scent that I like, then I collect it no matter what. I especially like the smell of rain and clean cotton,” and revealed the hobbies she’s been passionate about recently.baek jin hee vogue girl